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Slide #GoViral Designed to go Viral, was a positive vaccination campaign co- created with and by young people of Blackpool.

The design of a typical campaign focuses on finding a singular, emotional message that appeals to a wide audience.

Project 1 CoDesign is the act of creating with stakeholders Co-design practitioners aim to become design process guides or facilitators.

While guiding young people through the design process of ideation and development, we helped people develop and raise the fidelity of their ideas. These ideas were then shared with an external audience not involved in the process.
Project 2 Creating Conversation In these polarizing times we thought it important to first create open dialogue

We did this by creating open conversations with focus groups and honesty boxes
Project 3 Democratising Design CoDesign is democratising design, we are all born creative but some unlearn it.

In our co-design sessions, the no1 rule was all ideas are equal, let’s see where it takes us.
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